Denver Coffee Shops-Wash Perk


IMG_0852 sign(1)



Coffee Haus: Wash Perk

Where: 853 E Ohio Ave, Denver, CO ( just a couple blocks west of Washington Park and Downing)

Hours: see picture below

Menu: Burritos, full coffee bar, teas, baked goods







This morning, I decided to visit Wash Perk coffee shop. Its a couple blocks away from Washington Park and one of my favorites. Much of the clientele is walking in and walking out-just stopping by on their morning stroll through the neighborhood.







This place is so friendly even the tree has a knitted blanket to keep it warm from the cold!



Its snowing today. Like the last couple days its a mixture of light dusting and fluffy flakes. it doesn’t stick well so on the ground there is only a couple inches. The weather is just cold and inclement enough  to stay inside and read a good book otherwise known as an introverts perfect day.




                                             Photo courtesy of paper and glam.

Wash Perk is the quintessential neighborhood coffee shop. Its seated on the corner streets of Ohio and Emerson. Its friendly and fosters a neighborly-just-around-the-corner-vibe. There is ample patio seating outside. Inside it feels like your kitchen and living room have merged into one really big comfy and cozy house.I’m convinced if the 90’s show “Friends” was filmed in Denver rather than New York this would be their cafe spot. It caters to families and millennials and neither demographic looks out of place for being here. There is big wooden tables and couches as well as seats at bar level. Also, there are plenty of outlets for your tech needs-win!



They serve Kaladi Brothers coffee, which is a local Denver roaster. They roast their coffee beans with air and not heat. I don’t know the science behind this or why but it equals a smooth brew every time! Today I ordered a large drip coffee.





They have breakfast burritos here as well as the usual of pastries, muffins, and cookies. But there is also some random items like yogurt, sparkling water, and orange juice. I usually stop here with my friends on our way to Wash Park for a walk and talk. The local park influences the coffee shop and each place influences the activity and energy of both settings.

                                           Give credit where credit is due.



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Denver Coffee Shops-Bardo House

The Bardo Coffee House - Denver, CO, United States

Coffee Haus: Bardo Coffee House

Where: 238 S Broadway, Denver, CO

Hours: 6am to 1am Sunday through Thursday
6am to 3am Friday and Saturday

Menu: Lite snack options, full coffee and tea bar.

Coffee: Kaladi Brothers





Tonight I went to the Bardo House on Broadway. Its the nightlife of coffee shops. I say that because its surrounded by the bars and establishments that lite up in the evenings and weekends on the strip. Plus, I was there at 9 pm and there was plenty of clientele. Its weird because I am a morning person so I associate caffeine with sun rises and newspaper reading. Here there is more of an artist vibe- in that I don’t follow any schedule and I live by my own rules caffeine consumption. So this would make for a great place for students to study late, after 12 am.

Today was the last day before spring break. I have odds and ends I need to finish up for my classes so I don’t quite feel like home free just yet. After school I take a couple hours to recharge before I begin my other part time job. I am a Lyft driver on the weekends. Its a great gig that is flexible and fun (usually).

I started about 6pm tonight. I wasn’t sure of the number of people that would go out tonight. Since last weekend was very busy with St. Paddy’s Parade and other celebrations. But tonight, I am satisfied because its steadily busy which means I don’t have to wait too long between rides before another is requested.
tea latte at bardo houseThe Bardo House was my planned pit stop and was worth it. I didn’t feel like coffee when I arrived so the barista recommended a tea Latte. Here’s the thing: I love foamed milk, its my current obsession right now. So much so that I bought this-the aero latte.  From the comfort of my own home I can steam and foam milk and sometimes I drink it by itself. I always forget about tea-coffee’s forgotten cousin. I know in some circles it is prized more than the bean-but not in mine-so I usually forget about it. Tonight, though it was a welcome suggestion and just what I needed. I ordered the Darjeeling almond milk latte. It was good. This place carries non dairy alternatives which is one of the reasons I frequent it.
When I went out to my car the meter maid was just about to make her getaway. “Sorry!” she yelled, feigning sympathy, as she disappeared into her car acting all too quickly like it was routine for her. I think they train them on how to make fast getaways. Otherwise people would have the time to act on their impulses and possibly inflict pain upon them as a result of the citation. Long story short-my $4.00 latte cost me a $25.00 parking ticket. all together with tip included that’s a 30.00 latte. Warning to you: Parking and attention to your meter is important even on a Friday night after 6. I thought I was safe, doesn’t the meter maid know its Spring Break?

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Denver’s Coffee Shops-Stella’s on Pearl

                                     Photo courtesy of Classic Movie Hub

No not that Stella, this one! Geez Brando, have you had your coffee yet?

Stellas sign on  pearl street


Coffee Haus: Stella’s on Pearl

Where: 1476 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

Hours: M-Th 6:30 AM to 11 PM

Fri & Sat: 6:30 AM to Midnight

Sun: 7 AM to 11 PM

Coffee: Full coffee bar, large tea selection, and great snack options.

Today is a cold day in Denver. The high today was only in the 30’s. There was a bite in the air as I ventured outside for my day around 8:oo AM. It began snowing in the early afternoon-much earlier than expected. Whats interesting about Denver is that when a snow storm is coming you can feel it in the air and the sky becomes abnormally overcast. In Wisconsin, my home state, I feel like there was no warnings like this. In the winter time it was always cold, always dreary.

stellas fire-outdoor seating


One of the reasons I love Stella’s on Pearl is because it is a great place to sit in any season. Its always perfectly accommodating. Today, in colder temperatures, they have fires pits that accompany their outdoor seating. Imagine cupping your favorite hot drink and sitting close around the flames while enjoying some good company.





They have a great selection of teas that are loose powder, so fresh! Their baked goods can cater to any snacking- more sweet or just in the mood for a bagel. They also are allergy friendly with Gluten free options and non dairy milk alternatives. YAY!

Inside stellas with barista

ample seating in Stellas



This coffee shop has great seating as well. Even though the building isn’t big per se you never feel crowded. The seating is spacious and comes in various settings. I feel like there is always another room around the corner when I enter a doorway here.






study room



Stellas is a great spot for you and a friend to chit chat over a ‘cup of joe’, but  it also caters to the more studious. This room generally is pretty quiet so you can always count on the noise level to be conducive to the more productive.





I forgot to take a picture of my cortado (definitely not a regular food blogger!) so this will have to do. I like the espresso here, its good. There is better in Denver but this does not disappoint!




Music at Stellas

Bonus: There is live music!

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Chocolate: The Exhibit (Slideshow)

This gallery contains 15 photos.

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Chocolate (yes Chocolate!) Exhibit at the Denver Science Museum

Photo Courtesy of Denver Museum of Science and Nature

What: Chocolate The Exhibition

Where: Denver Museum of Science and Nature (3rd Floor)

When: March 9 ,2016 (The exhibit is open from February 12th-May 8th 2016)

I went today to the Chocolate Exhibit. I first heard about this searching some Denver events online. I was half motivated by the prospect of free chocolate (spoiler alert: there isn’t any ) and half motivated just by the mention of the word chocolate( Yes I’m that easily motivated by the substance). Marilyn Monroe may think diamonds are a girls best friend but I would beg to differ and say that Chocolate is!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Disclaimer: The lighting was dim at the time I walked the exhibit (in the morning) so my pictures may reflect the bad lighting.

I loved the cafe setting! It provided an inviting entrance and created a fun Parisian atmosphere.

cacao tree

A life size Cacao Tree was on full display.

The Mayans were one of the first civilizations to revere chocolate. Because cacao was often reserved for the elite these lavishly decorated vessels were used to serve aristocrats. Some depicted Kings drinking cacao!

cacao currency





The Cacao currency: You could get 1 egg in exchange  for three cacao beans!


slaves and a teaspoon of sugar

The dark side of Chocolate: one teaspoon of sugar was the monetary value equivalent to one working day of a slave.

Pictured below: this was a fun old ad on display. I like how the baby is holding a chocolate piece bigger than he is!

chocolate adversitement




This gentleman helped me identify my chocolate personality with this interactive quiz! The pegs were chocolate box pieces. I wanted to eat them! When I left his station he told me, “Now go get some chocolate!” My results were spot on with my personality by the way. It said I liked dark chocolate and also had a pragmatic personality. Oh, how true!






I would recommend this exhibit to anyone-young and old. It was fun to walk through but also provided some engaging interactive stations. I would bring a friend that would want to sit at the cafe, sip some coffee and eat some chocolate afterwards!

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Time’s Worldwide Day’s Worth of Food

Time magazine wrote a post pulling from global sources of what individuals eat in a day. They ran the post with pictures primarily and then a brief explanation below the image. The post is entitled, “A Worldwide Day’s Worth of Food“, includes people from various continents and socioeconomic status. Also, the subjects are picked an labeled for their current occupation or status in life. One picture is “The US Iraq Veteran” and another is “New York Model/Student”.

This is an effective post because the photos are at the center of each person story. The photo will feature the subject and beside them lay out all of their food that they eat in one day. The subject will be photographed in their typical environment say at work or at home.

A Worldwide Day’s Worth of Food

This is picture is entitled, “Mall of America staffer”. For example, from the picture above I can actually “see” Tiffany and what she looks like. I can see behind her is a big mall/amusement park. She has on radio gear so I can also infer that she must work here. Judging by the food pictured here I can gather that she eats at the restaurants that occupy the food court.
This story and its content is largely a “what” piece and not a “why” piece. As a reader I don’t want to know why Tiffany lives this lifestyle (where she works here, why she eats this, etc), instead I am more interested in seeing the “what” details. I can get a better sense of what she eats in a day by actually seeing it all laid out across the table. This is a “show me” motivated story rather than a “tell me why” centered content.
The picture also draws in the reader because its colorful, contains images that maybe they can relate to and provides a subject front and center. I like looking at “A Day in the Life” stories and this is kind of one of the stories but mainly centered around food. These posts are far more effective when they show images rather than a typed explanation of their experiences.

A Worldwide Day’s Worth of Food

What I Eat Around the World in 80 DietsPhoto courtesy of Time Magazine
This picture is entitled,”New York : Model/Student”. This is very effective visually because just from the picture we can see she is a young female who models and then her food is placed in front of her on the ground.

A Worldwide Day’s Worth of Food

What I Eat Around the World in 80 Diets
© Peter Menzel / What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets
This picture is entitled “The Yemen Homemaker”. This is one of my favorites because it provides a unique insight into a culture that I am not familiar with. Through this photo I get a sense of some of Yemen’s traditions. I can see her in her natural habitat i.e. her house. I see that it looks like she might partake of her meals while sitting on the floor and not seated at a table.

A Worldwide Day’s Worth of Food

What I Eat Around the World in 80 Diets© Peter Menzel / What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets
This is a fun one. This subject is “Vietnam: a Rice Farmer”.  I see his house. I see him He looks very relaxed. He looks like he lives a life that provides simply but adequately. Again, the color and visual imagery captures the subject and purpose nicely.
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Crossfit Open 16.1 ( Live tweet)

Event: Crossfit Open 16.1 Workout

Where: Norcal Crossfit San Jose, California

When: February, 25th Thursday @ 6:00pm

Whats the Workout?

20-minute AMRAP

25 feet of Overhead Lunges (95/65 pounds)

8 bar-facing burpees

25 feet of Overhead Lunges (95/65 pounds)

8 chest-to-bar pull ups

Emily Abbott and Chyna Cho were the athletes chosen to battle it out on the live stream.

15 minutes and counting til 16.1 live announcement!

Looks like it’s a girls battle. and will battle it out.

Emily Abbott defeats Chyna Cho in crossfit open 16.1Photo courtesy: The Rx review

And 16.1 is a 20 min amrap! Overhead lunges, burpees, and pull ups for the win!

Wow bringing in two average joes to compete along side the and

               Photo courtesy of Crossfit Fremont

It’s going to be a long workout Such a strong community feeling this time at 16.1

16.1 tips Photo courtesy Fitness HQ

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