On the subject of New Media

Connect and Collaborates podcast with Kristi Strother was interesting. New Media  was at the center of the discussion and some sub topics included Spiral of Silence and Selective Exposure. I have to say that I felt the opinions expressed in the podcast were general broad strokes concerning the subtopics. Now, generally I can agree with Kristi when she voices concerns about Facebook filtering our information and individuals voicing less of their own, different opinions. However, I have to disagree if these concepts don’t leave room for the individuals voice and speak some of my own points of further musings.

As a millennial I often feel overexposed  and overwhelmed with news and information. and as a result certainly informed with the news of today. For example, I always have my smartphone on me as most millennials ( and non millennials alike) do. Because of this I am always checking my Facebook or searching stuff on the web. I am always connected and sometimes exhaustively so. If I am on popular sites majority of the time I think it’s impossible to eschew breaking news. If perhaps I don’t see it, someone in my circle of friends will and share the news.

Also, just because milennials aren’t subscribing to traditional news outlets like CNN or NBC or FOX doesn’t mean they aren’t informed. I think we are getting information from more varied and diversified media outlets. Shows like the Daily Show and Last Week Tonight deliver popular news but with a comedic slant. John Oliver talked at length about net neutrality and how the Federal Communications Commission or FCC might threaten it. His 13 minute show drew millions of views. He asked every viewer to g to the FCC website and tell the FCC how much they care about net neutrality. His viewers were so responsive to his message that they crashed the FCC site by commenting over 45,000 times on their website. The FCC had to send out a tweet explaining their site was experiencing technical difficulties due to heavy traffic. Not in the general sense  but more specifically-some of us are engaged, some of us are informed.

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