Denver Coffee Shops- Kaladi Brothers

Coffee Haus: Kaladi Brothers

Where: 1730 E Evans Ave, Denver

Hours:M-F 6AM to 7PM Sat 7AM to 7PM Sun 7AM to 5PM

Menu: Full Coffee bar and pastries

This Sunday morning I ventured out to Kaladi Brothers cafe. I love Sundays,by the way. Its probably my favorite day of the week. On Sundays there’s no deadlines, no expectations, its the most chill day of the week. Usually, I don’t have a schedule on this day so there is no impending deadline that takes away from just living the day at the pace I want to, which today, is s-l-0-w.


I first learned about Kaladi brothers last summer when I was sent to train here during my very brief stint as a barista. Since my training, my loyalty runs deep. And for good reason.

Today I wasn’t looking for a community feeling so much. I had work that needed to beseatingatkaladi done so I wanted a place that would be conducive to that plus serve good coffee. That is Kaladi Brothers. Most of their seating is tables for two with some bigger community seating. But this is perhaps a smaller coffee shop compared to the rest. That being so, claiming a seat during the busy hours can be tough. They do encourage sharing your table if this happens, so come prepared to meet your neighbors.



There is a steady stream of walk ins. This location is not too far from the DU Campus sostadning room only there is a lot of college students as well. Kaladi coffee is special though. They air roast their coffee beans instead of using heat. The result? You get a roast with a full, complex flavor without the acid or bitter taste that can come with drum roasting. We’ve all had the experience of drinking a bitter  cup of joe. Here, that doesn’t exist, ever. Every cup is consistently smooth and good. Their beans are so good they source them to 36 locations. This is just counting the ones within a 30 mile radius of Denver.


           The staff is very friendly: excellent espresso seems to attract excellent baristas. Most of them have worked 8+ years at a coffee bar, making them pros at customer service and lattes. They are always jesting with each other or smiling. You can tell they honestly love their jobs and take pride in what they do. You want a barista to remember your name  and favorite drink in earnest? Come here.













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